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The Portable Accessibility Toolkit

Additional Apps

These apps can be added to the Access Tools flash drive. Follow the instructions on your flash drive to get started or go to the download instruction page.

Accessibility Tools


More Portable Applications can be found from these links:

  • PortableApps - A huge collection of open source, portable versions of many popular applications
  • The Portable Freeware Collection - Portable applications that are free to download
  • Pendriveapps - Another large collection of both open source and freeware applications to be used on USB pendrives


When selecting the location to save a guide in either .pdf or .doc format, locate the Categories\Accessibility Guides folder on your pendrive. For each guide, create a new folder in this location, using the name that you would like to appear on the menu, and move the guide into that folder. 
For example, if you download the Adobe PDF Accessibility guide, and want this to be shown as "PDF Accessibility" on your menu, create a new folder in Categories\Accessibility Guides called "PDF Accessibility". Save the guide in this folder, and ensure that the guide is the only file within the folder. Your guide will then be displayed on the menu the next time you run the pendrive.

Other Links

  • EduApps A similar menu system with links to other portable downloads and accessibility tools